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One Heartbeat Away…

Happy Beginnings I’m quite certain she knew there would eventually be heartache in the decision to marry a man 20 years her senior. But the love was deep… strong… undeniable. He was so handsome, so very full of life. One of those men that everyone wanted to be near – men and women, children and […]


WeCast: Travel Off the Beaten Path

Do you like to get off the beaten path when you travel? How’s your taste for adventure? This week we talk about some great road travel adventures that will inspire you to take a new look at your feelings on road trips. Where will your path take you? With whom? And when?


Appreciating Nature’s Rhythms

Reverence for Grandmother Earth As someone whose spiritual path reveres and closely follows the wonders of Grandmother Earth and lives closely in the rhythm of nature, I have found myself in a wonderland of nature here in Arizona. The drama is undeniable and, for me, constantly astounding. We’ve been here almost a year now and […]


WeCast: Favorite Food Memories

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Or a particularly fond food memory from childhood? We do! Join us for this week’s quirky conversation in which we talk about childhood memories and how food is connected to joy & happiness. Why not make some plans of your own for the weekend, to relive fond memories and […]


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New here? Do you want to know the secret to living in Balance? What fears open your eyes at 3am? Are you struggling to meet all your daily obligations? Are you denying yourself the experiences of joy and play? Do you yearn to know why you're here and where you're going?

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The Wisdom Keepers

Jim Great Elk and Kelly Talking Heron bring nearly a century of life experience, and descendancy from many First Peoples worldwide. The stories they tell and the lessons they bring touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. Together, they represent the Balanced Life concept they teach others.

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