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WeCast: Favorite Holidays & Food Traditions

Staying on the topic of holidays, the whole month of December – this week we discuss our favorite holidays of the year and… get back to the topic of food! Every holiday has certain foods associated with it – from burgers and hot dogs on July 4th to Christmas cookies on Christmas – and everyone […]


Zi’igwan, The Shortest Day

The Rhythm of the Sun In the time before the pale ones, from a far away place where the sun awakes, came to our lands – when our world changed forever – we had in our culture, times and places for all things. The sun and the moon were then, as always, our guides for […]


WeCast: The Holidays… Getting Back to the Basics

Happy Holidays from the WeWan! We are now solidly into the holiday season, with Chanukah having just begun, solstice and Christmas coming up soon.  This week we discuss the commercialization of this holiday gift gifting season and how we might reset our thinking. Ideas on how to bring the holidays back to a more simple […]


WeCast: How Often Are You Awake at 3am?

Are you a night owl? Do you prefer staying up late at night? If so, what do you do in the wee hours when everyone else is snoozing? This week we talk about our own proclivity to be up late at night – both working and playing. Many people are incredibly creative during this time, […]


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