Reflections of WeWán…

View from the Medicine Lodge

Walk in Balance

Great Elk’s thoughts… Hello my friend, Thank you for asking me to remind you of Our Way. I am honored to share again this with you. As each of us make important decisions which may cause profound reactions, it is wise to hearken the lessons learned from the Elders. The lesson taught with Walking in […]


Lessons from an Ice Rink

The Five Faces of Discipline   he bedroom was always completely dark. I shared it with my mom while growing up in the tiny (800 sq ft) home of my grandparents. And my twin bed was so warm and cozy in the dead of winter. With not much insulation in the walls, our second floor […]


What Are You Doing These Days?

Pandemic or not… we must refill our Pot of Life daily with… Work, Play, Eat and Sleep! We would like to share how we are coping during this time. During much of my life I have conscientiously made good choices that have been enriching. Most of those choices have been… See-Want-Do. This has filled my […]


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Are You Lost?

New here? Do you want to know the secret to living in Balance? What fears open your eyes at 3am? Are you struggling to meet all your daily obligations? Are you denying yourself the experiences of joy and play? Do you yearn to know why you're here and where you're going?

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The Wisdom Keepers

Jim Great Elk and Kelly Talking Heron bring nearly a century of life experience, and descendancy from many First Peoples worldwide. The stories they tell and the lessons they bring touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. Together, they represent the Balanced Life concept they teach others.

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