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kiji and Ashá – the Shawano Wisdom Keepers – offer their signature Stepping Stone Series to organizations and associations worldwide. Based on the Ancient Wisdom covered in their personal development Experiences, the Path to Powáka, these presentations are geared for corporate audiences.

Everyone walks their own Path in the Circle of Life. The Wisdom found in these Four Foundational Stepping Stones illuminate that Path, and lead clearly to a life lived in Balance. 

Bring something completely unique to your next meeting or team-building event. You've never experienced anything like the Shawano Wisdom Keepers. Your audience will be talking about it for the rest of the year. 

Stepping Stone Series

Specialty Programs

Stepping Stones for...

“With leadership comes responsibility.” Right. The pressure of good leadership only truly hits home when it becomes reality. And seasoned, high-level, executives face ongoing challenges, regardless of years on the job. Awake at 3am with countless concerns – how does the bottom line work, are employees content, what product is the next big thing? There is never enough time in the day, or so it seems. Pressing obligations, balancing work and family, how does it all fit? One day you realize you are not laughing as much, or feeling the joy you once did. Where did it go? And when? And while the weight of the company’s future rests on your shoulders… where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years?

  • Sleep through the night, knowing you are in control, and not your fears
  • Create time for yourself, take nothing away from your corporate commitments
  • Rediscover the excitement and joy which propelled you to success
  • Ignite a new fire of creativity, set new goals, and breathe fresh air into life

Whether it’s your first launch or your twentieth, entrepreneurial endeavors are challenging. You do it for the thrill of it, to solve problems, and to spread new ideas. But fears and self-doubt can overwhelm. The business takes all your time and you struggle to stay healthy and connected to your personal life. The highs are very high, the lows can be very low, and the pendulum swings are exhausting. Defining your real vision is always a work in progress and isn’t always as clear as you would like it to be.

  • Take control of the nagging fears and self-doubts that rob you of sleep and energy
  • Learn how to get more done by living outside of the clock’s grip
  • Train yourself to focus on the positive, and to be realistic in disappointment
  • Develop skills to efficiently outline your entrepreneurial goals and vision

Healthcare Professionals
Caring for the sick and infirm calls to only a select few. Life-and-death responsibilities, irregular hours, regular exposure to grief, and constant threat of “burnout.” Staying balanced while serving in the healthcare industry is not for the faint of heart.

  • Learn to release self-doubt & fears of inadequacy
  • Discover methods for productivity while working evening & night shifts
  • Maintain personal joy & gratitude while assisting others through illness & grief
  • Empower yourself with an ever-evolving vision of your own future success

Childhood has gone and adulthood is clearly on the horizon. The world can be an uncertain place as teens navigate social situations and manage busy academic & personal schedules. The excitement and thrill of increased independence and the responsibility it brings is oftentimes not what was expected. There are unique pressures associated with choosing a career path and planning the future of a life which has just barely begun.

  • Learn how to manage social pressures with self-confidence & grace
  • Begin early to view time as your own and make wise decisions for its use
  • Develop the habit of moderation, finding joy & happiness on your terms
  • Create the first phase of your life vision, while allowing for developing dreams & goals

New Grads
It’s a brave new world out there with seemingly endless possibilities. Your future is in your hands and it’s looking bright and exciting. And yet… so many decisions to make, so much still to learn, and adult responsibilities beginning. Living on your own, fears can mount about all the new obligations. Your time is now split between personal and professional lives and you may find yourself wondering, “Is this all there is?” Job promotions, marriage & family, personal development… where do you see yourself in 5, 20, 50 years?   

  • Learn the art of self-confidence and -control, eliminate the fears that make you doubt
  • Balance busy schedules on your own terms, creating lifelong freedom from the clock
  • Empower yourself now to maintain the joy for life you had as a child and create the Habit of Happiness for yourself
  • Embrace this time of future dreams and visions – bravely set forth your life vision as far as you can see
Mid-Life Transitions
Career changes & challenges, empty nest, menopause, body changes, elderly parents. The list is unending for the 40- and 50-something crowd. Just when life was cruising, we hit road bump after road bump. We begin to realize youth lasts not forever, and it’s more than a bit scary! Time is no longer endless, and our pursuit of happiness takes many and various twists and turns. Where will we land and what does life look like from now on?

  • Understand and quell fears specific to transitioning from “youth” to “mature” adult
  • Embrace your position on the life-clock and bask in knowing “you got this”
  • Create a new, mid-life, view of what brings you happiness & joy
  • Acknowledge your incredible resources and make a plan to become you, the real you
As more and more of us reach our Golden Years, we are faced with unique challenges and new life decisions. We discover we are no longer “indestructible” and grapple with the fear of what life as an Elder will be, even our own mortality. Our time and daily schedules change drastically, oftentimes losing structure necessary to a sense of worth and accomplishment. Joy takes on new meaning with freedom from 9-to-5 obligations, new family additions… and yet some are challenged to see what joys are still to be had and many fall into depression. We wonder what more there is to do in life, what our role will be, and how to maintain our purpose.

  • Confront and learn to overcome the unique fears associated with aging
  • Re-evaluate your view of time and permit yourself new freedoms
  • Discover the abundant joy of being an Elder and how to share it with others
  • Define the next season of your life and fill it with new fire and purpose

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Walk Away From Fear

What makes your eyes pop open at 3am? Do you know why it happens? Would you like for it to never happen again?

The belief that fear is inherent in our lives, that everyone must bend to fear, is simply not true.

Learn the secrets of understanding fear and why it is based in cultural training… not inherent in our being. Discover how to gain control, and never look back on those old haunts. Our Ancients managed survival in harsh environments, and they did so without imagined fears. Embrace their wisdom and apply it to your modern life.


  • Learn the reality of human fear and why we cling to it
  • Acknowledge your fears and discover freedom from them
  • Gain permanent control and make fear a forgotten part of your past
  • Never again give power to your fears

Live Outside of Time

Is the clock your master? Do you feel shackled and enslaved?

Walk into a world you control. When you learn the secret that timeless can – and does – exist, you begin to look at your schedule and obligations in an entire new way. Freedom comes from understanding and the decision to accept the control you've always had.

After all, the clock is a relatively recent invention. The Ancients managed the activities critical to survival in harsh environments, and they did so without alarms and written schedules. Learn their wisdom and apply it to your modern life. 


  • Learn the reality of time and the Secrets the Ancients have always known
  • Discover why we feel so compelled to schedule, block, and manage our days
  • Empower yourself with a new view of time that will set you free
  • Enjoy your days like never before, and get more done in the process

Rediscover True Joy

Life brings challenges. We all experience them to one degree or another, and at various times in our lives. 

Your approach and how you allow them to affect you is your choice – a daily choice. Through every frustration shines the light of control and the decision to remain calm and balanced.

Globally, tribal cultures place great value in laughter and joy... and teach not to take ourselves seriously. Our Ancients managed survival in harsh environments, imbued with gratitude and joy. Learn the secrets of their wisdom and apply it to your modern life. Give yourself permission to always live in joy and choose to be happy.


  • Is there a universal definition of joy?
  • Learn why some people are always so happy and others so... not
  • Discover how to consciously make a choice for your own happiness
  • Empower yourself with techniques to remain in a state of joy
  • Laugh again, smile more, and own your new attitude on life

Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

When did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up? Have you decided? Are you comfortable with who you are, where you're going, and how you plan to get there?

You cannot get to the finish line if you don't even know where it is. What's your plan? Do you know why you are here? And what... "your purpose"... is for being here?

Each and every one of us has something to accomplish – from the most humble to most lofty, it matters not. For everyone is a key piece in the everlasting puzzle of humanity. Sometimes, however, we either lose our way, or can't clearly see the straight and true Path that is ours, and ours alone.


  • Why should you know your purpose?
  • Discover that purpose and create your real life vision
  • Employ trusted tools to keep yourself moving towards your goals
  • Live the life you are meant to live, and accomplish your own greatness