When you face life’s challenges, watch who walks in the door and who walks out. Those who truly care will be the faces you see.

Turkey Creek Lake, Scioto County, OH ©2017 WeWan Institute

It’s amazing, isn’t it, the things we learn when we are being tested. Our depth of character, our endurance levels… and who our true friends are. And sometimes even those lessons are hard on our spirit and faith.

You will face difficult moments in your life. You will have times when you don’t know if you can survive it. But you will. We all do. During those times, pay close attention to whose back you see walking away. Even more importantly, look close at the love on the faces of the ones walking towards you. They are your indomitable support system, the people who will never leave your side, regardless of circumstance or convenience. Hold them close to you for they are your true treasure.


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Quiet Winter Moments
The above is an excerpt from, Quiet Winter Moments ~ Wisdom of the Ancients to Warm Your Days. Quiet Winter Moments is a collection of daily thoughts for meditation. They will energize and enlighten your spirit with insights rooted in Ancient Wisdom, written for the contemporary reader. By our Elders’ spoken word and their traditions observed, they are the genesis for this book. Use this book to begin or end your autumn days with short, positive, thought-provoking ideas to ponder.


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The Keepers

Jim Great Elk (kiji) and Kelly Talking Heron (Ashá) are Wisdom Keepers,
who believe everyone walks their own path on the Circle of Life.

Through the Powaka Experience, you master four basic Stepping Stones to
your center… where you learn to Walk in Balance and discover Your Destiny.