Grandma Was a Kitchen Healer and Grandpa Grew Roses


A journey through time containing priceless insight into a world that no longer exists, and yet the wisdom to overcome, and achieve, is truly timeless. You will laugh, you will cry, and find great comfort, strength, and inspiration in these stories.


Life: The Good, The Bad, and The Amusing
A Collection of Short Stories

We’ve reached into our families’ history and curated some of our most poignant, funny, and enlightening tales from days gone by. It’s a motley mob of characters – grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, family-by-affection, teachers, and even ourselves. We will entertain you, move you, and encourage you to look at life’s greatest challenges from a different perspective… one that will allow you to see good in the bad, strength in the weak, humor in the anger, and courage in the fear.

Come along with us on a journey through time. Let us introduce you in a very personal way to… the Elders, the Wisdom Keepers, those who have stories to tell and lessons to teach. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll find inspiration, and you’ll be amazed at how your outlook on life will change.

You won’t put this one down until you’ve finished every last page. Bonus Section included!


Who can resist a title like “Grandma Was a Kitchen Healer and Grandpa Grew Roses?”  I would liken this book to sitting around a battered old kitchen table with friends and endless cups of coffee, swapping stories and then having those stories stir long dormant memories of your own history. More than once, I would look up from the page and remember my own Grandma’s and Mom’s home remedies or my Dad teaching me the value of hard work and tenacity by assigning me real chores. The authors take turns with chapters and sharing tales of family and events that shaped their lives and each has a distinctive voice – Jim Great Elk Waters has the gravitas of an elder and worldly experience; Kelly Pavlovic’s voice is lighter and quicker, and she freely shares how life events and times of inner turmoil have shaped her. Despite how unique each of our histories are, there is a commonality that links every family’s story, and the authors reminded me of that by sharing themselves and their families. I would recommend this as a “night table” book – meaning it’s one that you’ll want to keep close by to dip in again and again. ~ Darlene Southern, Cave Creek, AZ; Co-Owner, Carefree Property Services

This book is nothing short of a treasure. Waters and Pavlovic offer a humble collection of stories from their lifetimes and those of their Ancestors. This is their legacy. Their ancestors speak great wisdom through them, passing down the treasured stories that are as relevant today as they were before our feet touched the ground. This book will give you the courage you need to discover the magic and the gift of life. This book will inspire you, as it has me. ~ Dianne Hellrigel, Los Angeles, CA; E.D. and V.P. of the St. Francis Dam National Memorial

“Grandma Was a Kitchen Healer” is better than a great read, it’s a life enhancing read. This book will change your life – story by story. Through the telling of the authors’ family stories, they enable the reader to recall one’s own history –experiencing them again in vivid living color – and inspires the retelling to generations to come. One thing better than the stories told by Jim and Kelly are knowing them personally and having the honor to hear some of these stories from their own lips, in their own voices. They interweave themselves into the very fabric of your tapestry. Reading this book will begin a domino effect in you that will be endlessly inspiring. As Jim and Kelly say, “Everyone has a story…” and it’s one that absolutely needs to be told, heard, and experienced. Be selfish: READ THIS BOOK – and give yourself  the pleasure that’ll make your heart shout what your mouth will never be able to whisper and your soul will never forget. ~ Chuck Behrens, Bay Village, OH; Motivational Speaker and author of “The Candle Maker”

Can’t express how much I enjoyed the book.  I laughed, cried, and learned a bunch. Jim’s stories are loving, poignant and interesting. Kelly’s are filled with love and humor. I particularly liked the Pizza and Tanqueray story. ~ Christina Kyle Casteel, Baton Rouge, LA; Former Aid to US Congressman Richard H. Baker

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