What Are You Doing These Days?

Pandemic or not… we must refill our Pot of Life daily with… Work, Play, Eat and Sleep!

We would like to share how we are coping during this time.

During much of my life I have conscientiously made good choices that have been enriching. Most of those choices have been… See-Want-Do. This has filled my life with extraordinary adventures, in-depth education and great enjoyment, all with wonderful success.

A few years ago a paradigm shift occurred… I began tracking my daily activities. Utilizing a wrist device called Fitbit® I was able to improve my life. It has become a good fit for me, and millions around the world. Of course there are many great devices available and I highly encourage you to find one that works best for you.

This has greatly enhanced the core aspects of daily living… work, play, eating and sleep! Let’s take a deep dive!


I love my work! Working with my creative partner, Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic… we are daily challenged by the many great opportunities that abound as authors, teachers and beings fascinated by all things large and small. Here at the WeWán Institute, we create an environment of learning and discovery, self-worth and inspiration.

Each day’s work involves creating new intellectual property, exciting graphics and programs… and activities that encourage others to complete their “bucket list.” Whether it be writing a new chapter in our current book, “My Grandmother was a Kitchen Healer and my Grandfather Grew Roses,” or completing a blog like this, or creating programming for podcasts or online courses… our work certainly fills my pot of life!

No matter what you do, it is vital that you find value and purpose that enrich your day,

We encourage you to fill your day with work that is mentally healthy and makes you feel you have accomplished important things. Not every job is as exciting as this, but like you, we have had some rather mundane occupations in our lives. No matter what you do, it is vital that you find value and purpose that enrich your day, making your life better overall.

The choice, as always. is yours… choices that enrich your day.


We work hard, and we play hard! This damnable Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has had one positive effect. Families are spending more time together. This can be an opportunity to bond… or not. In our case we have spent premium time in good conversations, relaxing activities and our favorite, brain-stuffing… watching documentaries, travel shows to far away places, “how to do things better,” anything in general that stir thoughts of potential future activities.

Part of our play is working out in our great little home gym. It’s filled with equipment that helps a gentleman of my age and my 50 something partner restore and maintain our good health. It is great for yoga exercises, and the perfect place to restore and rebuild. We enjoy working out. It offers immediate positive rewards.

Road trips…  refresh and restore your good health and mental attitude!

When this pandemic curse is behind us, we look forward to some great road trips into the mountains to the north, and the deserts to the south. Visiting old haunts like Wickenburg, Prescott and the ever spooky Jerome. We also have some great trips planned to the Painted Desert filled with petrified trees, the Meteor Crater, Monument Valley and of course the Tucson area with side trips north to the Apache homelands, and south to Nogales on the border. A great highlight on our list is going to the Grand Canyon.

Here in Arizona the list of things to do and places to go is endless. And we haven’t even talked about going to Utah.

No matter where you live there are many wonderful places for road trips and holidays, to take to refresh and restore your good health and mental attitude. Grab a travel book for your next adventure and plan now. Every area of our great nation is filled with wonders and mysterious places to explore. Around the world, there are places that will enchant your life!

Play well… For it is the reward garnered from hard work at the necessities of life.


Oh my gosh… eating, the double edged sword of our existence! On one hand there are so many great flavors and gastronomic gluttony to experience… on the other lay weight gain and poor health. If you enjoy eating, this is a great challenge. The great takeaway is, do everything in balance! If one eats small proportions on a smaller plates, and no seconds, you can maintain and lose weight. The highly recommended Mediterranean way of eating is most healthy, and generally satisfies the tastebuds!

***Before you start any diet or change your eating habits… consult with your doctors, and always follow their advice.***

IMPORTANT: Before you start any diet or change your eating habits… consult with your doctors, and always follow their advice.

I can’t speak for Kelly, but being overweight most of my life, and eating well, has always been a challenge. Even in my seventh decade I am faced with the daily choices of what best to eat… and what my appetite screams for! I do believe that I am doing better, but the old nemeses of pastries, pizza, cheeseburgers, big Mexican or Italian dinners etc. are always the siren song…

Come to me, calling me, calling me, calling me… !

If you’re gifted with good health, I am so happy for you. If you have challenges like I do, I certainly sympathize.

We in America are blessed with a plethora of choices when it comes to eating, many of which are not best for our health. In great parts of the rest of the world, food is not plentiful nor nutritious. It is so sad that this is the reality of their life. Unlike here, they have few choices.

The majority of those in the western world, are born with bodies that are healthy. Too often we make poor choices that damage our otherwise potential great health. It is never too late to change bad habits, limit foods that are not best for us, and to eat in a healthy manner. Eating should be exciting and healthy.

This is not a compromise but a grand opportunity.


Kelly and I often have different routines. We are both night owls, but mornings are different. When I awaken, I’m awake… it takes Kelly a while to get her motor up to speed. Additionally, I don’t know about you, but for us… Sleep can be elusive. Our usual sleep schedule is from around midnight to 7:30 or 8. Like most folks, goals are not always met. Many nights are interrupted by restlessness caused by pain, arthritis, muscle fatigue, etc. We try to get between seven and eight hours sleep a night. This usually refreshes us and allows us to have a normal functioning day. Truth is probably 8 to 9 hours sleep a night is better. This often is accomplished through naps, or as they say here in Arizona, a “Siesta!”

While in the Navy, I learned to capture a bit of rest whenever and wherever I could. I am a great napper. After chow break, I would usually find a place to sit down and put my back up against an outside bulkhead and catch some Z’s. This is a practice that has stood me in good stead for most of my life.

I’ve learned to block out sound, light and other stimulus that might keep me awake. I know this is difficult for many people but it can be a learned tool in your sleep chest.

Today you might find me setting my smart phone for a 15 or 20 minute “snap.” Or you will catch me tipping my head over and drifting off to sleep. I’ve learned to block out sound, light and other stimuli that might keep me awake. I know this is difficult for many people but it can be a learned tool for your benefit.

Many people utilize an eye mask, headphones and a blanky. Whatever it takes, find ways to grab a break whenever possible. This is as refreshing as a cool shower, but be careful… if you sleep for over a half an hour statistics show that your biorhythms will change… and a refreshing nap will turn into a deep sleep. On the surface it doesn’t sound bad but it actually can mess up your day!

Scoring Your Sleep

Back to the Fitbit®. I use it to track my sleep. I pay close attention to my sleep score on the device. My understanding of these patterns allow me to sleep better, feel rested and have a better day. High quality sleep, and enough of it… can help you lose weight, increase activity, give you a better positive attitude and overall is a great source of energy throughout the day.

The better the score, the better my day.

What is this mysterious Sleep Score?

It is a program on my devise that tracks my time asleep and awake, how deep I sleep and that magical REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. It also tracks my heart rate and restlessness. https://help.fitbit.com/articles/en_US/Help_article/2439

Sleep is just not about the quantity, but more important the quality that counts

The range in the sleep score is based on patterns of study, indicating that most people get between 72 and 83 sleep score points.

Here is the breakdown of the numbers on the sleep score.
Excellent above 90 – Good 80-90 – Fair 60-79 – Poor below 60

Sleep is not just about the quantity, but more importantly, it is the quality that counts.

I average just a bit below 80. My light sleep is around 58% of my night, my rapid eye movement about 16% and by Deep Sleep about 12%… and my restlessness and awake time average is 14%. My Deep Sleep and REM sleep scores, which typically should take up about 25% of my sleep time, is golden! During this time my muscles relax, blood flow is steady and this helps repair my body,

During REM sleep I refresh my memory and my mood centers, as I dream. I have no control over my deep nor REM sleep, although I can create an environment in the evening that will add to this restorative sleep. When I retire, I read a bit and let my mind drift. Usually I don’t  have any caffeine or alcohol drinks near bedtime, nor exercises.

Some yoga activities would certainly enhance the sleep experience. Keeping the bedroom dark and playing soft quiet music sets the mood for good sleep. I avoid all external stimuli. My bedroom is dark, illuminated with the glow of a dim red light, while soft music is playing. This all relaxes and puts me in a state of good pre-sleep.

Whatever device, preparatory activity, or environment…

Make the time before you go to sleep most perfect for you.

Final Thoughts.

So, what are you doing? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you willing to change?

Are you the maker of your own destiny? Or are you forever stuck in a rut?

As the Shawnee chief Tecumseh said, “I am the maker of my own destiny.”

Are you the maker of your own destiny?
Or are you forever stuck in a rut?

We would love to hear your approach to improving your life. Follow us on Facebook and share your experiences! https://www.facebook.com/WeWanInst


During this time of pandemic turmoil, take good care of yourself, be safe and come out on the other side a winner!

With respect, your humble servants,
Jim Great Elk Waters and Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic



IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information we provide in this blog article is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional. Seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. The content herein is not intended to be relied upon for medical diagnosis or treatment. Inform your physicians of any changes you may make to your lifestyle and discuss these with them. Do not disregard medical advice or delay visiting a medical professional because of something you read on our site.

DISCLAIMER: Fitbit® is a registered trademark of Fitbit, Inc. Wewan Institute is not financially connected with Fitbit, Inc nor do we recommend or not recommend nor endorse exclusively the use of their products. The mention of Fitbit is solely to illustrate our favorable experiences using Fitbit, Inc products.



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