Reflections of WeWán…

For the Crooked Path of Life is the Teacher of all Things Important

The axiom in life is that it’s complicated, and through those complications, we become better in all things small or large. Take for example, the air conditioner project we’ve been working on. This last January we created a really fine gym in our one car garage, with elliptical, weight bench and free weights, chin up […]


There Was a Baby Alligator in the Bathtub

Grandma was going to take a shower. We were on vacation in Hawai’i and had been at the pool and on the beach all afternoon. Everyone needed to get refreshed and ready for dinner. We had two connecting rooms – grandma Violet and my aunt Marlene shared one, and mom and I shared the other. […]


What is The New Norm?

With the conversation today all about the “New Norm,” we thought it might be interesting to dive into just what is the “New Norm.” Let’s start with the basics… the word norm is a derivation of the word normal, whose roots in latin normalis. With us so far? The latin normalis meant “something made with […]


What Does the Drum Mean to You?

 The Wisdom Keepers · Heartbeat Drum Several years ago the above question was posed to me during a phone call and I had a very strange response. I totally froze. One of the few times in my life when I was utterly without words. I could feel them stuck in my throat, and I […]


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