Reflections of WeWán…

“Chance encounters open doors to success and friendships.”

Today’s world is bombarded with information from many sources, social, broadcast, print and network media, email, snail mail, and face to face conversations. Each offers a tumultuous collection of information, entertainment and… conflict. I read a disturbing message from a friend the other day that revealed this in a way I had never considered. My […]


Family Matters

“Ye are who ye come from.” “Why do I care what they did or what they looked like? That doesn’t affect anything in my life now.” “I don’t understand why you spend so much time tracking down dead people. How is that relevant?” “I have no interest in my genealogy. I don’t really care where […]


Wolf Fur, a Turkey Feather, and Some Balls of Dirt

“What’s in that bag you wear around your neck? Can I see it?” We get that question a lot. As people who follow a traditional tribal spirituality, we keep – and wear frequently – a leather pouch we call a medicine bag. Sometimes we have more than one over our lifetime. During a recent trip […]


Empty Your Heart of Fear – Meditation

Perspective is Everything Tete is a Bayaka man, whose people live in the jungles of the Central African Republic. Honey is critically important to their nutrition, bringing much needed energy boosts. Its rarity and difficulty in procurement make it an especially tasty and delectable treat. The “difficulty in procurement” is no exaggeration. Beehives are found […]


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Jim Great Elk and Kelly Talking Heron bring nearly a century of life experience, and descendancy from many First Peoples worldwide. The stories they tell and the lessons they bring touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. Together, they represent the Balanced Life concept they teach others.

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