Empty Your Heart of Fear – Meditation

Tete Climbs 130ft to Reach Honey for His Family

Perspective is Everything

Tete is a Bayaka man, whose people live in the jungles of the Central African Republic.

Honey is critically important to their nutrition, bringing much needed energy boosts. Its rarity and difficulty in procurement make it an especially tasty and delectable treat.

The “difficulty in procurement” is no exaggeration. Beehives are found way up in the canopy of jungle trees that grow to 130ft. When one is found, it is common for the Bayaka men to accept great risk to life and limb to retrieve the precious sweet.

“You must empty your heart of fear. If you have fear, you will fall.”

Using only a vine and his feet, Tete climbs the 130 ft tree. When he arrives at the canopy, the real battle begins, fighting off bee stings. He keeps a tenacious grip on the tree and thereby avoids plummeting to the ground. The buzzing bees angrily try to sting Tete as he forces his way into the hive to steal the honeycomb. Using a basket and pulley system, he lowers the basket down to his eagerly awaiting family – buzzing bees and all.

They are so eager for the tasty treat, they ignore the stinging critters and enjoy the bounty.

That’s a lot of effort and danger for honey… and how do they have the courage to do it?

Tete has wise words from which we can all learn a profound lesson. “You must empty your heart of fear. If you have fear, you will fall.”

So simple and yet when I heard this the first time, it sunk into the depths of me. I got it. Empty your heart of fear.

And that got me wondering… ok, how?? How does one just empty out fears that limit our ability to succeed? Especially to succeed at astonishing goals.

After some time of really digging into this to find a way these wise words could help *me* with my own fearful situations, I began to work with the concept as a self-guided meditation.

Please allow me the privilege of sharing it with you.

Remove Fears One by One

Fear lives in the heart – where it takes root and grows into something that grips you and paralyzes you from taking positive action. Teach yourself to eliminate fears… to empty them from your heart, where you will make room for courage and confidence and joy.

Get yourself comfortable in your preferred place and position of relaxation and calm. It doesn’t matter how or where, so long as you are comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

Begin some deep breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Slow your breathing, deepen it, until you begin to feel yourself relaxing. Focus solely on your task of breathing in and breathing out… it will help to silence the brain chatter because you are concentrating on something else.

Now allow yourself to think about, or to recall, a situation which causes you fear. Continue to breathe evenly and deeply. This fear on which you now focus is not real, it is not happening to you now, you are merely an outside observer. In fact, you have complete control over it. Allow yourself to objectively watch it, or feel it, happening.

Begin to take mental note of everything you are thinking and feeling about it. What is it that scares you most or causes you the most discomfort? Examine and identify as much detail as you are able. Be honest with yourself.

Will it cause you physical harm? If so, exactly how? Where?

Does it effect you strictly emotionally? Sadness, anger, desperation, loss… identify each and every emotion.

You have the power to be courageous. You have the privilege to be in control of yourself and your thoughts. Take that control and walk away from fear.

Picture every one of these aspects lodged in your heart, trying to grow roots. Now go to them, individually and in sequence, and prune away their connection to you. Literally watch yourself take each out of your heart. Empty your heart of every aspect of your fear of this particular situation. Clearly see yourself plucking away the fear and throwing it far from you.

You are giving it back to Grandmother Earth. She will neutralize it, absorb it, and keep it forever in Her embrace. It will never again be able to effect you.

One by one now, explore and examine each situation or possibility that causes you fear. Be as detailed with each one, meticulously and persistently pruning each aspect from your heart.

When you are done, rest your heart and your mind. Breathe deeply and evenly. Count twenty breaths.

Now imagine a blue light beginning in your heart. Picture it expanding to heal and fill the empty spaces left by your fears. This is a healing light. It will replace the pain and discomforts of your fears with self-confidence, courage, and personal power.

Watch it closely as it seeps into every empty crevice – healing and loving energy erasing all negativity.

Rest again for twenty slow deep breaths. And begin to notice the change in you. The changes in the feel of your heart. Light and buoyed up with the positive energy of the blue light.

As you are ready, bring your consciousness back to your body slowly. Wiggle your toes, your fingers, become aware of each limb and then your torso. Open your eyes and allow your full return to wakefulness.

Use this meditation whenever you struggle with fear or anxiety. Eliminating fear is all about taking control.

You have the power to be courageous. You have the privilege to be in control of yourself and your thoughts. Take that control and walk away from fear.


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