WeCast: The Holidays… Getting Back to the Basics

Happy Holidays from the WeWan! We are now solidly into the holiday season, with Chanukah having just begun, solstice and Christmas coming up soon. 

This week we discuss the commercialization of this holiday gift gifting season and how we might reset our thinking. Ideas on how to bring the holidays back to a more simple time, with focus on what we are celebrating and why.

Join us this week for an interesting and thought-provoking conversation about getting back to the basics during this season of joy and family.

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The Keepers

Jim Great Elk (kiji) and Kelly Talking Heron (Ashá) are Wisdom Keepers,
who believe everyone walks their own path on the Circle of Life.

Through the Powaka Experience, you master four basic Stepping Stones to
your center… where you learn to Walk in Balance and discover Your Destiny.