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Grandmothers & Warriors Sleep Meditation

The Insomniacs Club You’re tired, you’ve had a long and difficult day. All you want to do is sleep. After your usual nighttime ablutions, you are finally ready to climb into bed and get some much needed rest. Nestled into the pillows and covers, lights off, dark and quiet surrounds you. Deep breath. You snuggle […]


WeCast: Why Are The Stepping Stones So Important?

Join us for the premier of WeCasts! Join us every Tuesday for timely conversations on relevant topics. In this first edition, we introduce the concept of the Four Fundamental Stepping Stones and why they are so important in our lives. Until you learn to control Fear, you are helpless to move forward with any confidence […]


7 Ways to Overcome Fear and Eliminate Indecision

  “Fight or Flight!” “The fight-or-flight response was first described in the 1920s by American physiologist Walter Cannon. Cannon realized that a chain of rapidly occurring reactions inside the body helped to mobilize the body’s resources to deal with threatening circumstances. Today the fight-or-flight response is recognized as part of… stress response.” Author Kendra Cherry.* […]


Compassion & Influence

“His cassock was worn and faded, his hair tumbled like a school-boy’s, his hands stained and hardened by toil; but the glow of health was in his face, the buoyancy of youth in his manner; while his ringing laugh, his ready sympathy, and his inspiring magnetism told of one who in any sphere might do […]


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New here? Do you want to know the secret to living in Balance? What fears open your eyes at 3am? Are you struggling to meet all your daily obligations? Are you denying yourself the experiences of joy and play? Do you yearn to know why you're here and where you're going?

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The Wisdom Keepers

Jim Great Elk and Kelly Talking Heron bring nearly a century of life experience, and descendancy from many First Peoples worldwide. The stories they tell and the lessons they bring touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. Together, they represent the Balanced Life concept they teach others.

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