WeCast: The Second Two Stepping Stones – Joy & Vision

Joy & Vision are the second two stepping stones. When you learn to master Joy, life opens to a bright and beautiful future. You smile and laugh with the abandon of a child. You have no guilt about being happy and doing the things that enforce that feeling. The future is without bounds, you begin […]


WeCast: The First Two Stepping Stones – Fear & Time

Learn about the first two Stepping Stones, Fear & Time. Until you learn to control Fear, it will continue to control *you.* We talk about 9/11 and the effect it had on our nation as it relates to engendering fear… as well as the brave first responders who are the epitome of how to control […]


WeCast: Why Are The Stepping Stones So Important?

Join us for the premier of WeCasts! Join us every Tuesday for timely conversations on relevant topics. In this first edition, we introduce the concept of the Four Fundamental Stepping Stones and why they are so important in our lives. Until you learn to control Fear, you are helpless to move forward with any confidence […]