WeCast: The First Two Stepping Stones – Fear & Time

Learn about the first two Stepping Stones, Fear & Time.

Until you learn to control Fear, it will continue to control *you.* We talk about 9/11 and the effect it had on our nation as it relates to engendering fear… as well as the brave first responders who are the epitome of how to control one’s fear.

During our discussion on time, we share with you our own personal experience of our cross-country move, and rebuilding a business that was on hold for a year. Most of us have insanely tight schedules, but you have the power of choice in how you deal with the stress of time demands. We teach you a new way of thinking about deadlines.

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The Keepers

Jim Great Elk (kiji) and Kelly Talking Heron (Ashá) are Wisdom Keepers,
who believe everyone walks their own path on the Circle of Life.

Through the Powaka Experience, you master four basic Stepping Stones to
your center… where you learn to Walk in Balance and discover Your Destiny.