WeCast: Favorite Food Memories

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Or a particularly fond food memory from childhood? We do! Join us for this week’s quirky conversation in which we talk about childhood memories and how food is connected to joy & happiness. Why not make some plans of your own for the weekend, to relive fond memories and […]


WeCast: Beautiful Places We’ve Lived

Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever lived? How has it effected you and changed your view on life?

This week we discuss the value of finding beauty in the places you live, play, and relax. From the hardwood forests of rural Ohio, to the verdant desert and saguaro forests of Arizona… if you could live anywhere, where would it be?


WeCast: The Phenomenon of Heroes

Have you ever run towards danger to save or help someone you’ve never met? Have you even been saved by someone you didn’t know? Heroes walk amongst us. They are first responders, military, and everyday people who put their own lives on the line to save others. This week we discuss the phenomenon of these […]


WeCast: Smells Bring Back Strong Memories

Have you ever experienced a powerful recollection brought about by a simple smell or aroma? Does the smell of your mother’s perfume bring you back to childhood? Or a walk through the pine forest bring back visions of Christmas’s past? In this week’s WeCast, we talk about how our sense of smell is connected to […]


WeCast: The Stone of Balance

Balance is the fifth Stepping Stone… the one to which the Foundation Four lead. This week, kiji tells the story of the Stone of Balance, why it is so important in our lives, and how it connects to the Four Stepping Stones. When we live life in balance, we have control of ourselves. Control of […]