The WeWán Institute is a living repository for the ancient wisdom of First Peoples worldwide. We are a global repository and research organization that spans the world of First Cultures, with USA Corporate Offices in the tribal homelands of the North American Indigenous People – the Shawnee Blue Creek Hathwillikia and the Eire Panther Erieehronon People.

Our staff and experts work closely with First Culture Leaders and Elders to document and preserve the traditions, culture, history, and unique aspects of their ancestors.

The WeWán Purpose

Our purpose is to honor, preserve, and perpetuate the cultural teachings of the ages for all Indigenous First Peoples.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable and prosperous planet driven by the wise management of our ancient cultural resources. We aspire to create a world where these invaluable resources are secured for both the public at large as well as the descendants of the various First Cultures.


The WeWán Institute and Society was founded by two Shawano Wisdom Keepers, Shawnee Elder Jim Great Elk Waters (kiji Wap’iti Nappe) and Seventh Generation Woman Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic (Asháge Íkwe atn Minwábandánii), both descended of the Historic Shawnee People.

powakamanOur Challenge

The resources of the First People’s Cultures of the world are at the foundation of all human growth, for without a centered beginning we can only guess and wonder as to our future.

Today, with the passing of each Elder, we lose these invaluable….

powakamanOur Methodology

Gather It

We begin with raw data from every source. We conduct independent research to vet the accuracy and connectedness of each acquired resource, using our unique three-site authentication...

Balance It

The WeWán Institute does not assume. Our dedicated goal is to acquire this data from all points around the globe, test it, and work with partners to adopt and expand our efforts globally….

Measure It

We measure the success of the Institute through tribal, private, government, and corporate actions that preserve the integrity of these resources…

powakamanThe Wisdom Keepers

Legacy Keepers

The keepers of the original cultures. These sacred men and women tribal elders are…

Heritage Keepers

The people who have recorded the tradition, culture, and wisdom of our ancestors…

Mastery Keepers

The okeamas, the teachers of the wisdom, are the personal Link between…

The Re-Seeding

For future crops to grow, seeds must be planted, nourished, and recycled.

Both Elders and youth… combine to grow the seeds for all the tomorrows – from the ancient seeds of the wisdom shared.


Through involvement with the WeWán Institute’s studies, and worldwide presentations and gatherings, there is opportunity for cultural growth and to help preserve the wisdom…

Departments and Programs

The academic programs at the WeWán Institute make it one of the world's most unique institutions of higher education worldwide.

OnLine Courses

The WeWán Institute offers online studies in a variety of subjects... completing their studies at their pace, receiving WI-CU credits…

Research Faculty

This division of the WeWán Institute is where all data received relating to the ancient cultures of the world are vetted. It is the expressed goal... that every resource is accurate…


A virtual community of five Lodges whose members are studying the Path to Powáka. Each Lodge represents increasing depth of knowledge and experience. Members enjoy the camaraderie of others who are at the same level of study, mingle at Lodge events, and engage in discussions on their Powáka Path.

Regularly scheduled Lodge events are held to allow one’s advancement to the next level of community. Walk as far along the Path as you like, at a pace which is comfortable to you. You may stay as long as you like in any Lodge or move as quickly along the Path as you wish.

Along your Journey, you will create lasting bonds with like-minded companions, deepen your understanding of the basic essentials to living a balanced life, and forever change your outlook to one of inner peace and empowerment.

The Lodge of the Ahinábisymbols_ahinabi

The Observers

This is the singular gate, the entry Lodge to your Journey on the Path to Powáka. As novices you gather here to learn more about the WeWán Society and discover clues to your future. Get answers to basic questions, familiarize yourself with the Path, and take the time you need to decide when to take your first step towards Powáka. Meet other Observers who are your fellow Travelers on the Path to Powáka.

As Ahinábi you are at the very beginning of your Journey.

 The Lodge of the Sagánisymbols_sagani

The Initiates

You have made your initial step on the Path to Powáka and have an awareness of the Four Foundational Stepping Stones. Your entry into the Lodge of the Sagáni allows you to deepen your knowledge and begin to control the foundational aspects of your life. Your relationships with your fellow sojourners grow in your study together as Initiates.

You have taken your first step onto the Path to Powáka.

The Lodge of the Mikádjigesymbols_mikadjige

The Discoverers

You are deepening your path of Discovery with your fellow sojourners. You have, by your determination, committed yourself to increase your knowledge and awareness through the habit of observation and deliberate thought. You have a basic understanding of the Four Foundational Stepping Stones of the Powáka Experience and are now aware of the Fifth Central Stone.

You are firmly and intentionally walking the Path to Powáka.

The Lodge of the Minwanásymbols_minwana

The Sages

The Path to Powáka comes clear to you now as you walk amongst the Sages. You have extensive knowledge and are practicing the Ancient Secrets of the Four Foundational Stepping Stones. As your life balances more perfectly than ever before, you are at peace and ready for the final leg of the Journey. You are in an elite group, as few have the dedication and stamina to travel this far.

In this revered Lodge, you sit with your fellow seasoned travelers, in community, and contemplate the final leg of the Path to Powáka.

 The Lodge of the Tagoshín

The Masters

You have completed your journey and now sit in the Lodge of the Masters. The Four Foundational Stepping Stones are your solid base from which to use the most important Fifth Central Stone. Only the Masters have been taught this Secret. Through deep commitment and intensive study, you are qualified to be considered, by invitation only, for the privilege to enter  the Lodge of the Kekinówijiwedj, the Guides.

Use your wisdom well, for you are the future.

Anbèbisìn dowìshin, wàinìnan.
Listen to me now, and what I’m about to say.

Kèshpinpèsin dàninwin damàdzhishkà kebimà disiwìn.
If you take heed of that which I say, your life shall always continue.

Kìtanòdawè... Misa'ashìgwa.
Listen to me… Now is the time.