Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist Until It Arrives

The Fine Art of Staying Present

We’ve all heard the platitudes about the preciousness of time and staying in the moment. It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Life gets hectic and it’s easy to get wrapped up in our schedules. Trying to “get ahead” – the words themselves! – ensure we are liking towards our tomorrows. Other times, were consumed with memories of times past – good, bad, painful, joyous. It can be a strong pull to relive rather than live anew.

However, the old sayings have wisdom. A lot of wisdom. While we may be wrapped up in analyzing the past, or preparing diligently for the future, the present is happening all around us – without us even paying attention.

What sense does it make to not grab onto and fully experience all that we have right this very moment?

Stay aware of all the lessons of this very moment and allow them to help you choose how and where to make your next move.

We have a teaching in our Mide’ spiritual practice that likens the path of our life to stones in a walkway. The ones on which we have already tread are well and truly behind us. We can never reach behind and move them. We walked upon them and pressed them firmly into the ground that is our own history. We have no choice but to keep moving forward – never looking back with a hope or desire to change them. For in that act, we would be changing ourselves… and everything in our history. We must live with the stones where they are. They may be out of line with the others, pressed in too far, or akimbo in their alignment. They may be perfectly placed and beautiful. Any and all are wonderful… for they represent us.

The ones on which we have not yet tread – we can’t reach them yet. And we will not reach them until the time is appropriate and upon us. Concerning ourselves over what will happen when we get there is irrelevant. Every step we take, has the potential to change the next step. We cannot know. And I believe we should not know. It is Creator that grants us the freedom of choice and even accidents. It is as it should be.

Right Now is All We Have

We are standing on this moment’s stone. Right now. It is the only things over which we truly have influence. We must make the most of this moment we have. Be joyous, be confident, live with great love of all things, and accept the beauty and perfection of the present.

Now, as we step forward to the next stone, we take with us all the experiences of every previous stone. And this is how we have any influence at all on our future.

Stay aware of all the lessons of this very moment and allow them to help you choose how and where to make your next move. And when you get there, put all your energy into that present moment.

Staying focused in the moment affords the gift of experiences you might never have had were you not truly present. It also gifts others with… you! We all know how it feels to try to engage with someone who’s not completely there. It’s irritating and insulting. We all deserve to be fully with one another.

Life is short. Live it now. Not yesterday. And not tomorrow. Make the most of this very moment.

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The Keepers

Jim Great Elk (kiji) and Kelly Talking Heron (Ashá) are Wisdom Keepers,
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