What is a Pódawe?

Pódawe is an Algonquian word which means, Kindling of the Fire...

It is also your first real step on the Path to Powáka. In a 3 hour intimate gathering, you will spend an evening with the Shawano Wisdom Keepers with a small group of friends in a casual and relaxed setting. Learn about the concept of the Four Stepping Stones and gain insight into the Path to Powáka. Meet like-minded people who will be your fellow Sojourners on the Path.

At this event, you will begin to rethink your world, your role in it, and everything around you. It is a thought-provoking glimpse into the Four Fundamental Stepping Stones and why it is these Four that are most critical in leading you into a life of Balance.

At this first exciting Experience, you will receive study materials which contain the lessons you must master to proceed to the next Experience – as well as a Passport to document your passage through the Lodges. 

In just three short hours, you will have tools to begin answering your most pressing questions – “Who am I?”... “Why am I here?”... “What am I supposed to be doing?” – and you will have awakened new questions as well. Ones to be answered more fully as you master the Path to Powáka.

Eliminate lifelong FEAR
Live outside of TIME
Rediscover true JOY
Create an impactful VISION for your future

Begin at the Beginning...

As has been said, a journey begins with a single step. That is the beginning. Each step of the Path to Powáka is specifically designed to build on the step before and to have a clearly defined accomplishment before the next step is revealed. The Path to Powáka is designed as any good and sound structure is… there is a strong foundation, and each layer is built upon it, in successive order, until the pinnacle is reached.

For everyone in the WeWán, the beginning is clearly set forth… simply let us know you are
interested in walking the Path.

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Doing so automatically makes you a member of the Lodge of the Ahinábi, the Observers. In this Lodge, you will learn more about the Path, and how to take the next step… attending or hosting a Pódawe.

If you already know you are ready to take the Pódawe step, simply check one of the boxes on the form to indicate whether you would like to attend, or host, the event.

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