The SECRET to ultimate personal FULFILLMENT lies in
the mastery of life’s BASIC concepts.

The Wisdom Keepers

Motivational Speakers & Life Guides :: Founders of the WeWan Experience™ :: Authors of "Grandma Was a Kitchen Healer & Grandpa Grew Roses" :: Engaging & Entertaining Storytellers

Jim & Kelly use their unforgettable storytelling style to bring their audiences back to basics: humanity is what we all share. From two very diverse backgrounds and generations, the Wisdom Keepers embody the value of commonality despite differences. The understanding between them flows outward in every engagement, and inspires people to re-evaluate ideals from a perspective of WeWan... togetherness. Once you meet them, you will never be able to forget them. 

Speaker Fee         Languages Spoken       Traveling From
$5000 – $7500       English                              Cave Creek, AZ

Speaker Fee: $5000 – $7500

Languages Spoken: English

Traveling From: Cave Creek, AZ

"Life doesn't need to be complicated... Don't make it!"

The Wisdom Keepers

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Why Jim & Kelly?

Two Voices, One Message

Feel the presence of a powerful woman, city-raised, of urban-centric upbringing, yet focused in an earth-based spirituality belief. Her passion is of youthful exuberance, dedication and perseverance. 

This Elder, raised in rural forest, trained in the way of the Ancestors, is a renaissance man in many disciplines. Experience his time-worn observances, shared with incredible kindness and patience.

Spending time with this couple is like sitting around a kitchen table with friends, swapping stories and old memories... and exploring a world you have never imagined. Their unforgettable style and message will forever transform your audience.

Bring these remarkable presenters to your next event.

Suggested Programs

Grandma Was a Kitchen Healer & Grandpa Grew Roses

Today’s society is ignoring the past. Our communities are coming apart at the seams, violence is up, and understanding is down. There is a great lack of trust. We cannot continue this trend.

Our current problem solving approach is to create new solutions for old problems…continually “recreating the wheel.” People focus on results, without acknowledging the benefit of prior experience. History is repeating itself – and there is no clear path forward.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll find inspiration, and you’ll be amazed at how your outlook on life will be changed forever.

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The wisdom of the past generations is a sound foundation for growth. They have lived through great challenges with dignity and grace, fought for progress, and they built a society that has held the respect of the free world.

Thru Jim & Kelly’s style of “kitchen table storytelling,” they bring to life the wisdom garnered from these generations and relationships that are the glue that have bonded society. The casual feel will build rapport between the speakers and the audience. The stories that they share are based in humanity and are our bonds to one another, the commonality that will being us all back together.

Key Takeaways:

* Discover how our Elders accepted fear… and used it as a tool to succeed

* Leave the clock at work and re-establish your own natural rhythm in life

* Fun is necessary and should not be connected to guilt

* Learn why respect for the lessons of history paves the way to your future

Serving Those Who Serve (Military)

Our veterans are loved and deeply respected for their sacrifices, and yet they come with lots of baggage. Silence, anger, guilt, nightmares, mood swings, outbursts. Family members see some or all of these daily in the vets they love. Most combat vets are reluctant to talk about their experiences in the military. Some will tell about their escapades, but rarely the real stories. Typically they are hyper-vigilant, some are perpetually nervous, and most are impacted by combat fatigue, or Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorders (PTSD).

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Most often, the medical community approaches treatment through counseling and medication and assumes they are providing the solutions needed. However, this is not the case.

Caring for our combat vets requires not only professional medical/psychological support, but also the support and understanding of family and friends… those who know the veteran in a way most others do not. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

It is the Keepers’ first-person experience that when we listen, we learn what is most important… and what is most troubling…

Your Vet has a lifetime of experience, both good and bad. When they speak of their experiences, listen. It is our debt to them — our responsibility — to listen and to try to understand. As caregivers you are a vital element in their daily routines, and are an important advocate in their long term treatment.

In this presentation you will discover how to listen, as their loved ones, without judgment or personal prejudice. You will learn how our family addresses these issues, resolve conflict, and build love and trust.

Key Takeaways: 

* Caregiving – The importance of your role in day-to-day care and as an advocate

* Story-time – The value of listening… even when stories are repeated often

* Volunteering – How Veterans find self-worth in service to others

* Community – Why VA Centers are vital

* Family/Friends – When to take care of yourself first

Mid-Life Transformation: Crisis to Confidence

Today, more than ever, quarter life or mid-life transitions - such as career changes, empty nest syndrome, menopause, body changes, elder care - range from challenging to paralyzing. Just when life was cruising along, we hit road bump after road bump. We realize youth isn’t forever, and it’s more than a bit scary!

Where will we land and what does life look like from now on?

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For most, the greatest reason for mid-life unhappiness is not remorse over the past but a feeling of angst in the present. Often we just hunker down and move deck chairs on the Titanic because we don’t know what to do next.

In this presentation we share how to - step by step - acknowledge what has changed, eliminate regrets… and create your Action Plan to regain control and set the course for your future.

Discover how to replace Mid-life Crisis with Mid-life Confidence!

Key Takeaways:
* Understand and quell fears specific to transitioning from “youth” to “mature” adult

* Embrace your position on the life clock and bask in knowing “you got this”

* Create a new, mid-life, view of what brings you happiness & joy

* Acknowledge your incredible resources and make a plan to become you, the real you

The Golden Years: "Use It or Lose It!" is Real

As more and more of us reach our Golden Years, we are faced with unique challenges and new life decisions. We discover we are no longer “indestructible,” and grapple with the fear of what life as an Elder will be, even confronting our own mortality. Our sense of time and daily schedules change drastically, oftentimes losing the structure necessary to maintain a sense of worth and accomplishment.

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We keep busy and feel meaningful by joining senior clubs, volunteering our time, rediscovering neglected hobbies, and babysitting grandchildren. We mask the underlying fears and challenges with random busy-ness.

Living a fulfilling and meaningful life as an Elder happens not by replacing – but defining – what you choose your future to be.

Don’t resign oneself to the role of the typical senior citizen. Understand and believe the time you have left is as vital as the years you have already spent. Learn the secrets to restored vitality and significance. We show you how to remain intellectually active and dynamic, how to physically challenge yourself each day, and how to set and maintain a schedule… even if it is not as stringent and limiting as before Elderhood. “Use it or lose it” is real!

Key Takeaways:

* Confront and learn to overcome the unique fears associated with aging

* Re-evaluate your view of time and permit yourself new freedoms

* Discover the abundant joy of being an Elder and how to share it with others

* Define the next season of your life and fill it with new fire and purpose

“When Jimmie Met Kelly” …and created the WeWan Experience

“The Wisdom Keepers are not your typical presenters, an experience with them is more akin to sitting around a kitchen table with friends, swapping stories and old memories… The common thread throughout is their focus on the very basics – our shared humanity. There are no buzz words here, or what “others think.” Jim and Kelly cut to the chase, while simultaneously guiding you to explore life in a way that is unique and exciting.”

April 2012: a National Speakers Association Showcase in Columbus, Ohio. Jim Great Elk, a guest, met Kelly, a member, who was working at the event. And so, the seeds for WeWan were planted. (WeWan is an Algonquian word-term meaning together, like two peas in a pod.) From that meeting a concept was formed for a business based on the knowledge that people grow best from their origins and connected histories. The basics of life are the foundation of the WeWan Experience.

What do we have in common? — What do you have in common?

Discover how they overcame their differences and found commonality, creating the WeWan Experience.

From ancient traditions, these guides will help you discover the simple stepping stones of life… those that most never learned, or perhaps have long forgotten. There are no buzz words here, or what “others think.” Jim and Kelly cut to the chase, while simultaneously guiding you to explore life in a way that is unique and exciting. Your WeWan Guides will open your eyes and mind and allow you to discover the you that you can be – not the you who you are. Their unforgettable style and message will forever transform your audience.

Bring these remarkable presenters to your next event.

Kelly V Pavlovic - Author :: Seeker :: Engineer :: Healer :: Human Melting Pot

Born to the humble surroundings of Cleveland’s Slavic Village, she was raised by her mom’s family, immersed in their Eastern European culture and work ethics. Kelly had already lost her Dad before her birth. 

In her thirties she met, and began to understand, her father’s people – Scots Irish, Native American, and African – a culture referred to as Melungeon, or colloquially… “hillbilly.” Kelly is fiercely proud of both branches of her family tree.

Degreed in Civil Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, she is a business owner and professional speaker. She is an accomplished flutist, graphic designer, bibliophile and wisdom seeker, and passionate traveler. 

Her down-to-earth storytelling meets with ardent requests from audiences nationwide. Kelly brings a unique and balanced view of life to her writing and presentations. She is genuine and open and, like her dad before her, rarely meets a stranger. 

In her spiritual life, she is a Third Level Mide’ walking in the footsteps of the countless women healers in her multicultural family. 

“Everyone has a story. And until we know what that story is, there cannot be true understanding and empathy between us.” ~ Heron Woman Who Speaks, Kelly V Pavlovic

Jim Great Elk Waters - Renaissance Man :: Leader :: Philosopher :: Author :: Artist :: Director/Producer :: Actor

Born on a kitchen table during WWII, and reared in rural Appalachia along the Ohio River, surrounded by elders and siblings of considerable intellect… At over 1000 moons now, he is in his “second wind” and is most active inspiring others to achieve their greatness through his partnership in the WeWan, its activities and publications.

Jim always brings authenticity and dignity to his projects. 

Great Elk is a prolific author/co-author of several books and an extensive portfolio of writings. He has been a producer, consultant and actor on over fifty productions, winning numerous awards. He is an artist, whose traditional artworks are in international collections and galleries.

For over 40 years, the Elk has been a native American leader and Elder. He has served on Boards of several charitable organizations locally, nationally, and globally. Great Elk has worked tirelessly raising awareness for various causes. He is an acclaimed Ambassador for Peace for his international efforts to unite religious leaders of the world.

“Thinking of one’s death is a waste of imagination. Life is to be lived now. Death will come in its own time.”  The Elk - 2021


Books by the Wisdom Keepers

Grandma Was a Kitchen Healer :: Quiet Autumn Moments :: Quiet Winter Moments
View from the Medicine Lodge :: The Keepers' Kitchen

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