Fear – Victimization & Achieving Goals




In this hour long WeWanar, we address two topics: Victimization, and the Achievement of Large Goals.

How does the Victim Mentality happen, why does it happen, and how do we break the cycle? We discuss the many reason people feel victimized, from blame, to trauma. Keeping a positive mindset is key to not allowing yourself to become, or remain, a victim. Take back your power, and hold onto it tightly.

How do you achieve a goal that may seem insurmountable? And is it ok to set such a goal? We talk about assessment, preparation, and the value of not going it alone. And what happens when you get there and it doesn’t look anything like what you thought?

Getting control of Fear gives you back your freedom and power. Take an hour, and begin to understand why Fear is the first, and most important, Stepping Stone to conquer for Balanced Living.