Grandmother Spider

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In the time before time, in the time of our grandfathers… and our grandmothers.

There was a beautiful forest, full of very old trees… standing straight and majestic and oh so tall. The stars shone bright like sparkling diamonds in the night sky.

In a clearing, deep in the forest, was a beautiful fire. Crackling and shimmering. It was a Sacred Fire. Built to provide light and warmth for this special gathering.

Out of the darkness of the forest, came the People… Man and Woman… Couples… All the First Parents of the world. Couple by couple, they sat down around the fire, in the East and the West, the North and the South. Until all the First Parents of all the People around this great globe were side by side, knee to knee… WeWán… together. Woman with man, and man with woman. Arranged in couples, and as one People.

Grandmother Spider saw this gathering of the People and came out of the forest to be with them. She attached her web to the heart of the Woman in the East, and then to the Woman in the West, the North, and the South… until all the world’s First Mothers were connected to one another.

Then She did the same with the men – connecting her web first to the Man in the East, and then to the West, the North and the South… until all the world’s First Fathers were connected to one another.

Grandmother Spider went back into the darkness of the forest to rest, for it was difficult work that she had done. And there the First Parents sat, together, connected by Grandmother’s silvery web.

It was a sight to behold… and Creator saw this wondrous gathering and said, “This is the most beautiful web I have ever seen. I think I will go down and sit there for a while.” Creator came down and sat right in the middle of the Sacred Fire. The fire did not burn, nor consume, it was a fire of pure light, bright and sustaining.

And so Grandmother Spider also returned from the darkness of the great forest. And she began to attach Creator’s heart to every Man and Woman around the fire that night. She continued until all the world’s First Parents were connected, their heart to Creator’s heart… and to one another.

And then, once again, She retired to the darkness to rest, for she was exhausted from her work.

After some time, Creator went back to the place where Creator lives. And the People arose from the fire and also returned to the place where they each had come from, to all places around the world, each to their homes… all the while the beautiful silvery web connecting them to one another across the vast distances.

That is the end of the story.

So you see… the web never breaks. The thread may stretch and contract and yet we are all connected to one another, through the eternal web of life.

“How can this be?,” you might ask. “How can we all still be connected?”

Think now, of that center place in your own belly, where you were once connected to your mother. And she to her mother, and so on and so on – all the way back through our Grandmothers – to the very First Women (and Men) who sat around the fire that night long ago.

Each and every one of us feels the vibration on the web as life happens along. What happens on the other side of the globe affects us just as what happens in our own household.

We are all connected on the web of life.

Be kind to one another. Have understanding. Know that we all came from the First Parents and are, indeed, family. Your neighbor’s struggle is not unlike your own. Your co-worker’s successes are a cause to celebrate.

Your concerns, your victories, your life questions… All shared amongst The People… The family!

Take comfort, take joy…
Walk in Balance on the great web of life.




WeWán… Ganawenindán atn Nibwákáwin

Together… Keepers of the Wisdom

Doyens of the Powaka Experience!

Jim Great Elk (kiji) and Kelly Talking Heron (A’sha) are Shawano Wisdom Keepers, who believe everyone walks their own path on the Circle of Life.

Through the Powaka Experience, you master four basic Stepping Stones to your center… where you learn to Walk in Balance and discover Your Destiny.

Elder, Shawano Mide’ Pa-we’wa Jim Great Elk Waters, brings a most unique presence. For over 800 moons as a traveler in this Place and Time, Great Elk has been imbued with a priceless collection of wisdom and knowledge.

Shawano Woman of the Seventh Generation, Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic, is a practicing Mide’ whose energy brings an inherent balance to this most unusual and exciting wewàn.

kiji and A’sha humbly offer a living repository of Traditional Wisdom and Cultures of their collective tribes – Shawano, Celt, Pict, Gaelic, Caucasus, African, Hebrew… The Ancestors.

Together, in their unforgettable style, they share the Wisdom of their Ancestors and forever transform audiences around the world.