About Teaching Stories….

At the WeWán, we delve deeply into the basics of life,
bringing skills from our Ancestors to empower
each of us to move forward on a new path…
ultimately finding that which we all seek, Balance.

Before we can explore the infinite – i.e. the mysteries beyond the flickering safety of the Sacred Fire – we must understand the core philosophies of what makes each culture unique. As we begin this path of discovery, the logical place is to start with the oldest stories within each culture.

From First Peoples around the world, we learn how each of these societies began, finding parallels and kinship between each… and within our lives today.

“Sharing wisdom is the thread
that unites the quilt of humanness!”
The WeWán Institute

At the Institute we share selected original stories of all First People. We are aware that there are other stories from various first People’s in every region, and welcome Elders and Wisdom Keepers from all cultures to contact us with stories and traditions to be secured within the WeWán Institute’s Living Repository of Knowledge. (email:

At the WeWán Institute, you are exposed to the simple truths that have been lost in time, learn from yesterday, and blend those lessons into today’s complicated world. Free your mind to experience the inconceivable.



WeWán… Ganawenindán atn Nibwákáwin

Together… Keepers of the Wisdom

Doyens of the Powaka Experience!

Jim Great Elk (kiji) and Kelly Talking Heron (A’sha) are Shawano Wisdom Keepers, who believe everyone walks their own path on the Circle of Life.

Through the Powaka Experience, you master four basic Stepping Stones to your center… where you learn to Walk in Balance and discover Your Destiny.

Elder, Shawano Mide’ Pa-we’wa Jim Great Elk Waters, brings a most unique presence. For over 800 moons as a traveler in this Place and Time, Great Elk has been imbued with a priceless collection of wisdom and knowledge.

Shawano Woman of the Seventh Generation, Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic, is a practicing Mide’ whose energy brings an inherent balance to this most unusual and exciting wewàn.

kiji and A’sha humbly offer a living repository of Traditional Wisdom and Cultures of their collective tribes – Shawano, Celt, Pict, Gaelic, Caucasus, African, Hebrew… The Ancestors.

Together, in their unforgettable style, they share the Wisdom of their Ancestors and forever transform audiences around the world.