The WeWán Institute… Honor, Preserve, Perpetuate


Is this about me...

Our human genome defines us as individually unique.

Do you agree that we all are impacted by our combined genetic blueprint?

Am I involved?

The cultural wisdom of the world needs a data back-up plan. Do you agree that gathering as much knowledge related to our ancestors is the key to sustained, and archived, cultural wisdom?

Would you like to know more about how you can be involved in growing this knowledge base?

How can I help?

It takes family.... a community of like-minded individuals to survive the test of time and changing cultural environments. Would you like to be instrumental in the preservation of the Wisdom of the Ages?

Will you step forward to honor the First People’s Gifts to us… and those not yet born from the Earth?

powakamanAbout the WeWán Institute

The WeWán Institute is a living repository for the ancient wisdom of First Peoples worldwide. We are a global repository and research organization that spans the world of First Cultures, with USA Corporate Offices in the tribal homelands of the North American Indigenous People – the Shawnee Blue Creek Hathwillikia and the Eire Panther Erieehronon People.

Our staff and experts work closely with First Culture Leaders and Elders to document and preserve the traditions, culture, history, and unique aspects of their ancestors.

The WeWán Purpose

Our purpose is to honor, preserve, and perpetuate the cultural teachings of the ages for all Indigenous First Peoples.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable and prosperous planet driven by the wise management of our ancient cultural resources. We aspire to create a world where these invaluable resources are secured for both the public at large as well as the descendants of the various First Cultures. Restricted access to ceremonial and religious wisdom is the sole privilege of those with proven descent. General history and cultural teachings are available to everyone with a desire to learn and expand their own wisdom. Our Institute and associated Repository is a safe place for government, business, and communities to jointly eliminate continued losses, prevent abuses and sustain the historic cultural environment of this intellectual property for all people.


The WeWán Institute and Society was founded by two Shawano Wisdom Keepers, Shawnee Elder Jim Great Elk Waters (kiji Wap’iti Nappe) and Seventh Generation Woman Kelly Talking Heron Pavlovic (Asháge Íkwe atn Minwábandánii), both descended of the Historic Shawnee People.

Elder Great Elk is the descendent of the Shawnee/Pekowi Sachem Straight Tail and Seventh Generation Woman Okeama Talking Heron is the descendent of Shawnee Sachem George of All of the White Top Laurel Band of the Ani-Yu’wiya.

They are both practitioners of the ancient Midewiian Native American Heritage Religious Faith. Elder Great Elk is a Fourth Order Mide’ and mShemah Talking Heron is a First Order Mide’.

powakamanOur Challenge

The resources of the First People’s Cultures of the world are at the foundation of all human growth, for without a centered beginning we can only guess and wonder as to our future.

Today, with the passing of each Elder, we lose these invaluable resources at rates that are devastating – endangering the very existence of the descendants’ legacy. Additionally, with the loss of medicinal and dietary secrets, the ability to save lives is also compromised.

Our Methodology

Gather It

We begin with raw data from every source. We conduct independent research to vet the accuracy and connectedness of each acquired resource, using our unique three-site authentication method.Our rigorous analysis identifies accuracy, unveils disputes, and forms competent strategies for wisdom preservation. We focus our efforts on the living Wisdom Keepers – who are the most ancient resources – and other relevant sources to determine how best to disburse the data deposited into the care of the WeWán Institute

Balance It

The WeWán Institute does not assume. Our dedicated goal is to acquire this data from all points around the globe, test it, and work with partners to adopt and expand our efforts globally. We engage with decision-makers to carry out our ideas and elevate our impact.

Measure It

We measure the success of the Institute through tribal, private, government, and corporate actions that preserve the integrity of these resources, improve the lives of First People worldwide, and sustain a healthy access to this irreplaceable resource.

powakamanThe Wisdom Keepers

Legacy Keepers

The well-source of the WeWán repository, the keepers of the original cultures. These sacred men and women tribal elders are the practitioners of our cultures and the people who keep the cord unbroken. It is from the mouth and hands of these sacred people that this repository grows.

Heritage Keepers

The people who have recorded the tradition, culture, and wisdom of our ancestors that it may be shared with the descendants and with the public at large. These wisdom keepers are the written voice of our ancestors.

Mastery Keepers

The okeamas, the teachers of the wisdom, are the personal Link between the Legacy and Heritage Wisdom Keepers. These are the instructors, lecturers, and professors who are the guides into your past, securing your future.

The Re-Seeding

For future crops to grow, seeds must be planted, nourished, and recycled.

The WeWán Institute conducts gatherings composed of both Elders and youth.

Each group meets separately, and then jointly. The youth meet as a group and study the aspects of the Pewaukee experience…The Elders meet, share, and compare their ancient wisdom’s. The group then combine and spend the remainder of the retreat growing the seeds for all the tomorrows – from the ancient seeds of the wisdom shared.

The intent of this re-seeding is to perpetuate the dissemination of these wisdoms, and unite those from whose source are the wellspring for the WeWán Institute’s library.


Through involvement with the WeWán Institute’s studies, and worldwide presentations and gatherings, there is opportunity for cultural growth and to help preserve the wisdom for future generations. Students who enroll and complete the academic coursework will be accredited WI-CU credits for successful work done in these disciplines.

Departments and Programs

The academic programs at the WeWán Institute make it one of the world's most unique institutions of higher education worldwide.

The People The History The Culture
Ethnicity Religions Arts and Crafts
Geography Ethnicity

Communication Studies

Religion Ancient Arts Creative Writing
Philosophy Language Evolution Music
Anthropology International Studies Personal Development
Cultures World Languages

OnLine Courses

The WeWán Institute offers online studies in a variety of subjects whereby the student completes their studies at their pace, receiving WI-CU credits for successful completion of these online courses.

Research Faculty

This division of the WeWán Institute is where all data received relating to the ancient cultures of the world are vetted. It is the expressed goal of the WeWán Institute that every resource provided in the repository is as accurate and complete as humanly possible.

We owe no less to our Ancestors.